How to check the Delivery report of SMS


Where can I check the delivery reports?


To check the delivery reports of the messages which you send, follow the below-given steps:


1: Login into your SMS account Panel.


2: Select the delivery reports option on the dashboard.


3: Here you can see all the campaigns which you make, with all the related details.


4: Click on the message content( Testing SMS delivery service......) to check the detailed reports.


5: Scroll down on the same page to get see the delivery status of each mobile number.


6: To export the reports of this campaign, use the export button on the right-hand side of the screen. Click one time on export to get the reports on your email address, click twice with a pause of 10-15 seconds to download them on your laptop.



If still you are still facing the same here  to raise a ticket to our Support Team

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