How To Change PHP Version For My Hosting

How To Change PHP Version For My Hosting 

To change the PHP version of your hosting is very easy and its one click process . Please follow the below process to change PHP version from your cPanel .


1 Log in to cpanel


2 Click the "PHP Configuration" or "Select PHP version" button in the Software section

3 Select the version of PHP you want to use from the dropdown.

4 Click the Update button to save your php configuration.
Now your php  version is upgraded. 


1 . In case If  This option is Not visible To you then Please Locate to "Multi Php Manager" In your c panel. 

2. Open this, then scroll down and Use "CheckMark" the domain From the List for which you want to change the PHP Version. 

3. Then Locate to Php version and Choose the Version you want to Use for your domain name. 

4. Then Click on Apply.



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