Move Wordpress From Another Server

You can use WordPress Migrations Plugins available in cPanel to move WordPress from one server to other. Otherwise, you can follow this manual steps.

  1. Login to your old server and download backup of files and Database using backup wizard option.
  2. Login to your New Hosting Account and click on Backup Wizard.
  3. Click Restore and upload your file and database.
  4. Now come back to cpanel and click on My SQL Databases
  5. There create a database user, and provide him all Privileges of the database.
  6. Now edit the configuration.php file there update New Database username, password. database name and table_prefix as per new server details.
  7. Now your WordPress website is live.

If you are not such a technical person to follow these steps you can Request Wordpress Migration from our Team by paying  Wordpress Migration Fee of Rs 250/- per Wordpress Migration.



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