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CloudLinux is on a mission to make Linux secure, stable, and profitable. Its flagship product, CloudLinux OS, runs on more than 25,000 production servers today, and is recognized as the best OS for security and efficiency in a shared hosting environment. CloudLinux OS increases server density and enhances security, thus reducing operating costs, decreasing churn rates, and increasing profitability.

Cloud Linux OS will work in our shared hosting system. You can add these features into the C Panel and then you can use these features into your shared hosting system .

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Below is a brief list of the features of CloudLinux.

Tenant Isolation - All servers are isolated with each other so if one server's goes down then the rest of the server's are safe.

Resource Limits - It uses the technology that allows you to set limits as per tenant, to make sure that none of tenant cannot use more resources.

Easily Convert from CentOS or RHEL - Conversion takes 5-10 minutes to convert CentOS into RHEL.

Fast Security Patch Releases - Make your customers safe with its fast Release feature.

Application Resource Limits - It sets the limit for your blog, applications, and your website so that it will not effect your rest of the services down.

Frequently Asked Questions

CloudLinux OS licenses are activated instantly upon payment.

We occasionally will run promotions from time to time, however these will be made visible either on our site or twitter. We cannot give any details regarding planned promotions ahead of time.

We currently accept both Credit Card and PayPal. We can accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards only. There are two forms of PayPal payments, invoices and subscriptions. Invoices require you to pay manually each month whereas subscriptions will automatically take the money from your account when you are due.

We’ve purchased a large quantity of licenses and as a result received bulk discounts, enabling us to pass some of the saving on to our customers.