Issue with Let’s Encrypt SSL on Multiple Servers

Hello Issue with Let’s Encrypt SSL on Multiple Servers.Posted at :2021-09-30 17:03:08Service Status :Degraded PerformanceCurrent State: IdentifiedThe issue was caused by the DST Root CA X3 certificate that is used in the chain of trust for Let's Encrypt got expired.The details about this issue can be found in the following post made by Let's ... Read More »

1st Oct 2021
multiple Shared Linux and Cloud Hosting Servers facing issues

We Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We are currently facing issues on multiple Shared Linux and Cloud Hosting Servers which are impacting the services on this server. Our System Administration team is currently investigating this issue and we will update the details soon. For the time being, your patience is being highly appreciated.   Read More »

23rd Sept 2021
Scheduled maintenance on window server

Dear Customer, Maintenance Notice: Please be advised that the server where your domain <> is hosted will be undergoing scheduled maintenance as per the schedule and for the reason mentioned below.   Maintenance Window: Reason:  As part of improving server performance, we will be migrating the data of the server to a new server with ... Read More »

31st Aug 2021
Important: Upcoming .COM domains price revision

Dear Customer,   We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.   This announcement has update for the following:   .COM domain price revision   We would like to bring to your attention the upcoming price changes for TLD mentioned below. The revision of prices is due to a change in the cost price from the registry of the ... Read More »

31st Aug 2021
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