Dear Customer,

This is to notify you that we are updating our Terms of Service (ToS) for all our Shared Hosting Products. In the recent investigation of our current Shared Hosting packages, we have identified websites that consume excess bandwidth resulting in a strain on the server resources, thereby adversely affecting the server performance for the rest of the users. Given the excess bandwidth they consume, we strongly believe that such websites are best compatible with a VPS or Dedicated Server as opposed to a Shared Hosting Package.

In order to control unfair usage of the performance of our servers, we will be implementing certain checks on our platform. The anti-abuse checks that will be implemented are as follows:

  1. We will be explicitly calling out capabilities of Shared Hosting servers and their use cases. As a violation parameter, we have added limitations on the usage of disk space for storage of emails and other content.
  2. We have updated our ToS, thereby allowing us to ensure that we can put suitable restrictions on the amount of resources consumed by “very heavy traffic websites” (websites running on packages that use up 25% of server resources for longer than 90 seconds) which include but are not limited to disk space, bandwidth, number of domains, disk I/O, DB space, etc.

How does it affect you?

These changes will only affect very heavy traffic websites, i.e., those who are using 25% of server resources for longer than 90 seconds, as mentioned above.

These very heavy traffic websites will be intimated and asked to move to a more suitable platform by upgrading their package. You can optimize on this opportunity by pitching a better fitting option (for example, a VPS or a Dedicated Server) to these website owners so that they don’t have to suffer from consequences such as reduced website speed, etc.

In case owners of these websites refuse to move or upgrade their package, we will start limiting the resources they can consume, which in turn will ensure that the rest of the users continue receiving the best quality service available.

It  will come in effect from 8th October, 2018. For any queries or concerns, please get in touch with your Account Manager or with our Support team at within 30 days of receiving this email. 

Globehost Team

Monday, October 8, 2018

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